MISSION: ¡Puta Records! is an artist-equity label since 2005. By equity we mean our artists earn stock in their own product and the records made by each artist on our label.

We welcome outside shareholders and are an openly traded company, though the largest part of our mission is to ensure that the voices of our artists remain the unbending voice of the label.

SOUND: We offer ┬íPuta-Phonic! Fidelity in an age of digital decay… Take a listen to our analogue recordings, double-mastered to vinyl. Our producers and engineers are dedicated to each step of the recording and pressing process, soup to nuts. Spin one of our 7 ” donuts and you will “see” how the sound speaks for itself.

As to OUR NAME… One of these days we will figure out how to make the long story short. Until then, we leave it to our bands and their fans.