Q: How do I get you to sign my band?

A: There are way too many bands in the world. It makes your chances slim. Stay creative.

Q: What kind of jerk names a record label “Puta”?

A: The word “Puta” has many meanings worldwide. Some etymologies of the name are beautiful and some are vomitous. It is what you make it.

Q: When will you guys finally quit?

A: Our business is structured for sustainability and continuity. It would take an apocalypse to stop us.

Q: Who can I stalk at your label?

A: We are cheap bastards. There is no one worth schmoozing, extorting or kidnapping around here.

Q: Can I send you my demo?

A: No cds. Email instead to putarecords(at)gmail.com. Response is not guaranteed.

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