The Impulse Intl. 10” review in Razorcake

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¡Puta’s! very own Impulse International written up in Razorcake!


Mini Album: 10″

…This really is their best record yet, and they’ve had a string of pretty good records. A lot of folks are trying their hand at power pop lately, and most sound stale and fake. Not here. This sounds like it came from the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. If this was released in 1975, it would have probably come out on Bomp! or a label of similar repute. I put this on, first song, “Bicycle Rider” comes on. I think it’s pretty good. Then “Where Did the Girls Go?” follows. I think it’s even better. Then the next song comes on. That one is better, then the next, and… I almost want to laugh because this is so good it’s near unbelievable…

…No summer is complete without some Impulse International in it. –Matt Average


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