Showcase: SMDD Saturday Aug. 27 Sponsored by Reyka Vodka

SMDD 8-27-11 @Matchless

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Sorry friends but SMDD party at matchless 8/27 is cancelled, compliments of Irene

Our rain date will be sept 23 or 25

Matchless will still be serving this evening if you are looking for a drink

Beast regards
Jake Rat
SMDD Saturday August 27th
Sponsored by Reyka Vodka
Bar Matchless 557 Manhattan Avenue at Driggs, BKNY

$5 -or- RSVP for Comp Entry and 9 PM Open Bar


The Jigglers
Triple Hex
Street Smells
Lou Valentine
Burlesque Emcee Emily Friend

Dj Big Sir
Dj-Host Jake Rat

Door Cheetah Blair Karate-Sandwitch

2 Full Service Bars and ten million bathrooms
Smoking Deck
Mac n Cheese

Open Bar Vodka 9pm
$5 or RSVP: smddnyc(at)gmail(dot)com

FB Invite:


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