Live at The Local 269 – Volume 1

We are all zooted up about Volume 1 of a new live recording series from Local 269 ( former historic lesbian bar Meow Mix, turned Rock N Roll haven)

Friday June 24th was the first performance in the series, hosted by The Underclass Revue

The show featured Born Loose, The Brimstones, The Dirty Shames, The Rats of New York, and a special appearance by Tommy Volume

In addition, a milieu of  biker-styled chicks made the scene ala Wild Ones, to play the marauding lady gang during The Rats’ video shoot for their upcoming single Fingerbang Gang (video whiz David Horowitz at the camera helm). What a better place to film this scene than the velvet halls of the old Meow Mix!

Check back soon about this…  Bill the sound engineer at Local 269 received tons of compliments on the incredible acoustics of the bar. Everyone in the crowd noticed how well you could hear the bands and how all the old pine and cedar lined walls soaked up the overtones just right!

Cant wait to hear some rough mixes. Production formats will run from 2 inch Ampex to master tapes and then to 7 inch virgin vinyl (45 rpm).

Photos by David Vega and video clips by David Horowitz coming soon. Yours truly will be producing on this project, along with Bill 269 and others.

- Jake Rat





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